Occupational Health Advisors


A business is nothing without employees. It's your job to ensure that every member of your organisation's workforce is productive, and that begins with their health and wellbeing.

Our expert Occupational Health Advisors are dedicated to supporting you just as you support your workforce, by looking after their physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Do you need to:

  • deal with complex cases of stress, emotional wellbeing and mental health?
  • manage employees off sick or on their return to the workplace?
  • ensure water-tight compliance with Health and Safety and Disability legislation?

Our Occupational Health Advisors use specialist skills, solid experience and fresh ideas to make sure you meet your goals.

Using our skills and training, we design, implement and manage the most appropriate systems and programmes to optimise the health and wellbeing of every member of staff. We quickly help you identify workplace issues which could affect staff health and wellbeing, before working with you to develop ways of resolving them.

Your goals may be to increase retention, boost productivity, reduce cost of absence or demonstrate the extent of your duty of care. Our bespoke advice and programmes are tailored to you, although we always bring a high level of skill, best practice, compassion, communication and training to every project.

Our Occupational Health Advisors are experienced in communicating and working with company representatives from board members and Directors to new starters, HR and personnel, contractors and long-term members of staff.

Work with us on an ongoing, ad hoc or short term basis. Our Occupational Health Advisors are focused on tangible results.

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  • Reduce absenteeism

    EAP's are an effective absence management tool. Our dedicated team of professional advisors provide immediate support for your employees, meaning issues are dealt with sooner and less time is taken off work.

  • Improve Productivity

    An energised workforce will drive productivity and improve business performance. We will provide a programme which will support the health and wellbeing of your employees and enhance business health.

  • Save Management Time

    Employee issues can often be complex and beyond the capability of most HR and management teams. You will be safe in the knowledge your employees are being supported.

  • Better Staff Retention

    Offer an employee benefit to attract and retain your best staff. Not only will you promote a wellbeing culture, you will meet your duty of care requirements within the business.