Occupational Health Assessments/Review/Audit


The first step in minimising lost time and revenue due to employee ill health is carrying out best-in-class health checks. Our Occupational Health Advisors Specialists are the leaders in one-off and regular health checks across all industries.

Employee health checks, reports and advice:

  • for new starters
  • for insurance purposes
  • in order to complete paperwork for staff on long-term sick because you occupy a high-risk or unusual market or industry to respond to claims, tribunals or complaints

Whether you are looking for expert help with regular, annual, one-off or specialist health checks for one or more employee, our experienced Occupational Health Specialists can help. Using our skills and tools we gather the data you need, and compile meaningful reports which will enable to you meet the demands of any legislation, insurance or assessment.

Perhaps you offer employee health checks as part of your employee benefits systems, or need to carry out regular health checks due to an unusual or high-risk industry sector. We understand the unique demands of markets, industries and individual companies and always tailor our employee health checks to your needs, ensuring that the checks and resulting data are exactly what you need.

Get in touch with our employee health professionals to discuss your organisation's health check requirements. We will be happy to talk through the various options available to you.

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  • Reduce absenteeism

    EAP's are an effective absence management tool. Our dedicated team of professional advisors provide immediate support for your employees, meaning issues are dealt with sooner and less time is taken off work.

  • Improve Productivity

    An energised workforce will drive productivity and improve business performance. We will provide a programme which will support the health and wellbeing of your employees and enhance business health.

  • Save Management Time

    Employee issues can often be complex and beyond the capability of most HR and management teams. You will be safe in the knowledge your employees are being supported.

  • Better Staff Retention

    Offer an employee benefit to attract and retain your best staff. Not only will you promote a wellbeing culture, you will meet your duty of care requirements within the business.